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Problems with upload Reports

first post: mrebitte wrote: Friends, I am using the tool to upload the .rdl files. The files a...

SSRS report deployment tool

first post: anjems wrote: SSRS report deployment tool (SSRSBuddy) is very great tool can ...

latest post: GregT wrote: There is a short help page accessible from the "Usage" link on the ...

Does not work on large implementations

first post: florida_guy wrote: This app works for us in a dev environment however when i go to m...

latest post: GregT wrote: Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately I don't have much time to support...

Thank you!

first post: Aivovaurio wrote: Thank you for this awsome build! It came very much in need!

SSRS Buddy ROCKS!!!!

first post: AngelosP wrote: My unborn children thank you.

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